Cicely Davis Is Running To Stop Ilhan Omar!

Ilhan Omar has made it clear: she is not fighting for Minnesotans or Americans.
She’s fighting for her SOCIALIST SQUAD members and far-left allies who hate this country and against people like you and me who love it.
Minneapolis has become a war zone under Democrat control.  Last year, murders were up 72%.  Assaults were up 62%.  Violent crime was up 22%.  Carjackings happen daily.  Socialist Squad member Ilhan Omar demands that we empty the prisons, end cash bail and see criminals as the victims of crime, not the perpetrators.  She HATES our brave police officers.
Ilhan Omar and her Squad are also making things worse from Washington DC:
·       Gas has DOUBLED and grocery bills are skyrocketing
·       Highest inflation in 40 years and Biden just jacked up your taxes
·       “Back to School” supplies jumped 18% thanks to “Biden-Flation”
·       The national debt has soared past $30 trillion thanks to the Biden/Omar Socialist Democrats wild spending on wasteful boondoggles
In every aspect of our lives, Ilhan Omar and the Far-Left is on the attack
If we can win our race here in the 5th Congressional District, you can be sure a red wave election is coming to Minnesota and America!