Secure Borders and Immigration

President Trump had a simple but accurate formulation: “if we don’t have borders, we don’t have a country.” We have reached a point where the concepts of nationalism and patriotism have been recast by the Left as a form of White Supremacy, instead of a celebration of the most commonly shared values that have united all walks of life in this country under the banner of liberty. The very concept of the nation-state is under constant assault by Democrats who want open borders, no caps on immigration, and blanket amnesty for illegal aliens.

On Biden’s first day in office, he unveiled a massive amnesty proposal. He ended President Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy and released more than 60,000 migrants into the country, many of whom don’t even have court dates or a hearing scheduled. Democrats have laid out the red carpet for illegal immigrants at the southern border while the Biden administration has broadcast its policy allowing unaccompanied minors to remain in the United States, contributing to the surge at the border that has reached previously unseen numbers.

The Left’s willingness to throw open our borders isn’t because of the kindness of their hearts or concern for human rights. After all, progressives like Ilhan Omar could scarcely mutter a word of support for the Afghan women President Biden is condemning to the repressive stone-age rule of the Taliban with his unconditional retreat from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, human trafficking and sexual abuse has become all too common among the coyotes ferrying illegal immigrants across the southern border. 

Rather, the Left’s open-borders policies are about gaining and maintaining political power and creating a permanent majority. Democrats have focused on welcoming legal or illegal immigrants from countries that they believe will be ideological allies, and not from countries that tend to be more conservative. With Biden in office, they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. For example, when Cubans began a series of protests in July against the communist dictatorship that runs their country, Biden’s Homeland Security chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, didn’t mince words: “Allow me to be clear, if you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States,” he declared.

The reasons are obvious. According to a Pew Research report conducted in October 2020, Cuban-American voters are almost twice as likely to be Republicans compared to non-Cuban Hispanics. That they’ve tended to live in Florida--a swing state during election time--is all the more reason for Democrats to slam the door shut on those legitimately seeking amnesty from Cuba.

Immigrants are eligible for asylum if “they have suffered persecution or fear that they will suffer persecution due to” their “political opinion,” according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The United States has an obligation to help the Afghans who helped American service members and should be eligible for a Special Immigrant Visa (SIV), which allows approved applicants to move to the U.S. permanently with their spouses and children after they are vetted by the U.S. State Department and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The State Department should also work with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to resettle the especially vulnerable in other countries. It would be craven and cynical for the Biden administration not to work with Afghan refugees for the same reasons they turn their back on Cubans.

Secure borders don’t just allow us to take care of our own citizens--they allow citizens, through their votes, to have a voice in how they are governed. When the United States allows a vetted, legal immigrant to pass through its secure border, that is a gift, and a great privilege. Immigrants have a responsibility to integrate into the wider American society, to learn and conduct their business in English, and to strive to be worthy of their citizenship. Illegal immigration is an affront to the rule of law, a threat to our nation’s security, and an invitation to an ever-more balkanized society.