Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory (CRT) is a toxic ideology to its core that tears at the very fabric that holds the country together. Left unchecked, it will cause irreparable damage to us as a nation.

CRT is an academic discipline, formulated in the 1990s, built on the intellectual framework of identity-based Marxism. It is the belief that people of European descent make society racist for their own benefit and it views racism as baked into the system and inescapable. Those who promote CRT believe racism is present even if no one is racist and anything perceived as neutral is construed instead as a guise for wielding racial power. Likewise, they believe all disparities in group outcomes are due to racist systems. 

Today, race is being weaponized by the left and wielded as a tool of political power in a manner never attempted before. For the Left, the connective tissue that runs through every issue is the noxious claim of “systemic racism.” It takes on many forms, such as critical race theory, intersectionality and the false accusation that everything is a relic of the Jim Crow era. There is no debate or defense because the accusation is designed to skip the trial and move straight to sentencing. 

Black Americans spent decades working to convince wider society that we should be judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin. Today’s CRT-boosters, in a perverse turning of the tables, are now judging white people by the color of their skin. It is promoting the same kind of racism we fought so hard against before and it is bound to cause a backlash—especially when the definition of racism has been so devalued and emptied of its meaning that anyone who disagrees or even asks questions can be called a racist.

Paranoia, instability, and fear is the well from which racism springs. In this context, we need more dialogue, not less. The harnessing of individual grievances and woke ideologies for the Left’s perpetual expansion of political power constitutes a poison pill for the American political body.

American history is an ongoing struggle for all to take personal responsibility and prevail under freedom, not the distortion and lie that America is exclusively a story of a dominant and oppressive white class keeping everyone else down. We should work toward the day when one’s skin color, race, religion, and gender is an insignificant or irrelevant mark of one’s value and place in society, not the defining characteristic as CRT-boosters seek to do.