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Hard Work

Cicely Davis is Unafraid of Hard Work

Born into a working-class family in Rochester, New York, Cicely moved to Minnesota where she was raised by a single parent and worked her entire life to build the success she has today. When she and her mother moved to Minnesota, the lack of diversity presented a real challenge. But what Minnesota lacked in diversity was made up for in the realm of education, economic opportunity, and safety. Now, she’s running for Congress to rebuild the Minnesota that captured her heart all those years ago.
Speaking Up

Cicely Davis is Unafraid of Speaking Up

When Barack Obama became president, Cicely found herself disappointed in his divisive leadership and empty promises. Cicely was the State Director of BLEXIT MN, an organization founded by Candace Owens, where she championed entrepreneurship and empowers minority communities to escape government dependence. As our congresswoman, Cicely will stand up to Marxism and end the weaponization of race by politicians in Washington.
The Fight Ahead

Cicely Davis is Unafraid of The Fight Ahead

She is running for Congress to put a stop to failed leadership by supporting our police, cutting outrageous taxes, and depoliticizing our classrooms so we can focus on a quality education. Cicely’s life experience has provided her a unique perspective and inspires her to help others prevail under freedom, no matter their background. Cicely will do whatever it takes to restore prosperity to Minneapolis and unify our state’s fifth congressional district.

Upcoming Events

Hallelujah Night

Monday, October 31st, 6p-9p

Shiloh Temple
1201 W. Broadway Ave., Minneapolis, MN

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Latest News

Getting out on the town doing lit drops every day #2

October 20, 2022

We are out every day doing literature drops in CD 5 from now until the election. If you are interested in joining us please email [email protected] for more information.

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South Minneapolis Meet and Greet Open House

October 15, 2022

Great conversations with members of the community about what we can do going forward to make our neighborhoods in Minneapolis safe for our babies. I am committed as your next Congresswoman to making the changes…

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