It's Time to Restore Minneapolis

Minnesota Democrats manipulated racial division to gain power.  They’ve destroyed our city’s economy and brought violence to our streets. Cicely Davis is fighting to bring back the Star of the North.

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Why I'm Running

“I grew up in Minneapolis, and I remember when our city was beautiful and thriving. Thanks to Ilhan Omar and Democrat policies, I barely recognize my home.

I won’t stand by and watch this community be destroyed by poverty and crime. It’s time to get back to what made us great to begin with.”


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Rebuilding our home won’t be easy. Become a part of Cicely’s team so that we can work together to restore our community. We can’t wait to meet you!


A Plan for Our Community and Our Country


Education is power, but our system has been failing our children.  It’s time to put the power back in the hands of our parents and students.

Jobs & the Economy

It’s time to bring good-paying jobs back! Lower taxes and cut red-tape for small businesses so we can create more jobs right here.

Urban Renewal

Let’s invest in the revitalization of our community with more opportunities, better infrastructure, and a stronger chance for success.

Public Safety

Support for our law enforcement, community policing and engaged families will make our neighborhoods safer.

National Security

The world is safer when America is strong.  Let’s support our men and women in uniform by investing in our mitilary.